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We collect donations for our heart project in Santa-Cruz de la Sierra. My grandmother-in-law, Lydia Wiedamann, founded the children’s home “Mano Amiga” in Santa Cruz in Bolivia in 1994. My husband and I are heirs to this project

We have recently launched a project to educate and prevent sexual abuse and unwanted pregnancies. More and more children and adolescents are experiencing cruel abuse experiences, becoming unwanted pregnant or sick because they have no access to holistic information.

In this project, the children living in the home receive holistic sexual education in cooperation with social work, psychologists and doctors and, if necessary, further psychotherapy. We believe that enlightenment and knowledge about your own body are fundamental for a self-determined life.

The project “Quiero saber más” (“I want to know more”) consists of six modules that address all essential topics (anatomy, puberty, feelings & love, “my body belongs to me”, hygiene …) and space for important questions and Leave problems.

With only 100 bolivianos (approx. 14 euros) a 90-minute unit for 8 children and adolescents including working materials is financed.

With only 600 bolivianos (approx. 85 euros) 8 children and young people can take part in the complete project. From these 85 euros, a Bolivian specialist will be paid for all units, all workbooks and all work and visual materials will be financed.

With the help of the Don Bosco e. V. we collect donations via the following donation account:

Hogar Don Bosco e.V.
IBAN: DE61 7105 0000 0005 0325 78

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If you live in Bolivia, you can donate here:

Banco Nacional de Bolivia S.A. cuenta corriente en BS.

2000129456 Asociacion Pro Nino Abandonado Lidya Wiedamann

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100% of the donations go to local financing. We are happy to issue donation receipts through the Don Bosco association.

You can find more information about our children’s home “Mano Amiga” here:

Thank you for your help!