About me

I am Anni, yoga teacher and teacher for special education from Cologne. I completed my yoga teacher training at “the Yogaloft Cologne”. I love freedom, wild, sun worshiper, ice cream addict, preferably outdoors, communicative, flexible, silly, dance addict, in love, spiritual and traveler.

I love the variety that yoga offers. I like physically challenging asanas as much as apparently unspectacular attitudes, but they have their charm in the details. I enjoy the meditative, deeper side of yoga very much. & Nbsp; This is also reflected in my yoga classes: a calm meditative introduction, gentle warming followed by creative sun salutations and the thoughtful introduction to challenging asanas. Then it slowly goes back towards the floor with back bends, bends, reversals and the real reason why we all love yoga: Savasana, the final relaxation.

On a deep spiritual level, yoga is an access to my true essence. The stream of thoughts slow down, come to rest and clear up. My yoga practice thus gives me answers to questions and accompanies me on my way – always closer to myself and my superpower. That’s why I like to include topics in my yoga classes that currently concern me. I am always curious about the unknown, the unknown, the adventure – and what is safe in a world where everything changes every second. Don’t take everything too seriously and just do it.

I want to pass on what yoga means to me in order to support people in listening to their inner voice, realizing their needs and aligning their lives accordingly.